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Seaman Book for officers and Ratings

We help you obtain your Seaman Book at Panama Ship Registry. This is one of the most important document while a seaman is travelling on board, this book is considered essential travel document for Seafarers, this is also a continuous record of a seaman’s service; every seafarer must carry this document while onboard, the master of the vessel signs the document each time a seaman is signed off from the vessel certifying his experience on board.

This an official and legal record of experience and certifies that the person holding is a seaman as per The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, as amended 1995 and 2010.

It is important to note that the Seaman Book is a mandatory document, for any port-of-entry that require a crew transit visa.


COC Homologation and Courses Endorsements from Approved Training Centers for Panama Ship Registry

CoC Homologation service is the process of certifying and recognition of the Certificate of Competency as per specified criteria laid by Panama Government and to be able to work on a Panama registered Ship/MOU.

The Course endorsement service provides recognition of the Course performed in a recognized and approved Instruction Center or University from any country worldwide to be approved and under Panama Administration.

Upgrades of Panamanian and foreign officers

To get an upgraded position, it is necessary to comply with regulations and requirements in in order to get your new upgrade seaman book, and we help you during the process

*Upon receipt of the file and payment, we proceed to the request.

We issue a valid 3-month Temporary Certificate [CTRT] (non-renewable), which allows the applicant to be fully able to work on board while the Full Term CoC is being processed. Before the CT expires, you will receive the Full Term CoC, valid for 5 years.

We will only process complete application requests for all required documents.

The delivery of the original CT and Full Term CoC will be sent by mail to the address indicated.

Shipping costs insured by courier are not included and vary depending on the destination.



Panama Registry

Panama is the biggest World Ship Registry with over 20% of worldwide fleet, 8,500 units: yachts, ships, vessels, cargo, MOU / MODU, etc.

In order to become part of this Administration it is needed to comply with certain documents and requirements that we help you to register your unit under Panama Registry

Yearly Tax payment

Every ship registered under panama Fag, must pay their taxes from November until January to avoid penalties, and we can provide this service and remind you yearly these payments, we do all the research investigation on the exact amount and pay to Panama Authorities to avoid fines or penalties to your vessel.

Technical Certificates:

We do all the process at Panama Maritime Authority to obtain all your technical certificates such as:

Ballast Water Management Plan

Civil Liability for Bunker Pollution Damage (BCC)

Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

Armed Personnel

Declaration of Company Security Officers (CSO’s)

Declaration of Maritime Labor Compliance (DMLC Part I)

ISP Authorizations

Among others


Every single unit or vessel must comply with IMO, SOLAS, STCW for safety and waste management and oil management, ballast water management, the navigation records, and crew work records, that is why it is needed different books onboard such as: Hydrocarbon/Oil Book, Navigation Book and Crew Book that we can send to the ship management, ship-owners or the ship itself.



All registered companies are able to access to the PMMS candidate’s database, can post vacancies and job opportunities on your company.

Companies can review all candidates resumes, can contact the seafarer and contract the personnel directly.


All seafarers registered and for a minimum monthly fee can upload their resumes, access to job opportunities posted by companies and get contacted by companies to discuss their future new job.